EAID: Your InfoSec and IT Assessments Solution

EAID: Your InfoSec and IT Assessments Solution

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Visibility of Risk, Compliance Completeness and Remediation

Automation of Assessment Workflow and Reports

Complete with 9,300+ Questions, Covering 1,800+ Policies From 10+ Compliances

Out-of-the-Box Ready to Deploy in Less than an Hour

Configurable to Easily Meet Your Governance Needs

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Assessing your Information Security or IT infrastructure can seem overwhelming. Traditional assessments are done manually, with spreadsheets and word documents for a relatively small number of security controls. This manual process is error-prone and can take six months to a year to complete with no visibility until the handwritten report shows up.

The EAID (Enterprise Assessment and InfoSec Design) Platform includes an assessment tool that provides automation and visibility of your compliance assessments. This platform can be deployed in less than two hours.

Automation 10X Faster

The EAID platform automates the assessment workflow creating a much faster turnaround of your results and allowing for faster improvements to your infrastructure. The SaaS Solution allows assessors to answer questions at their convenience and upload supporting information for their answers. Assessors can also redirect questions to other team members where appropriate. Reports can be generated instantly, with up-to the minute information of compliance and completeness.


EAID lets you see into your assessments with a clear understanding of the progress and standing so far. This visibility and associated vulnerability and risk reports are available as soon as the first questions are answered by the assessors. Additionally, you can drill down into the details of different categories and policy standings. Remediation projects can also be tracked in the dashboard to show task progress, hours used, and resources utilized.

Information Security vs IT

Whether you wish to understand your network and cyber security posture, or you need to expand your understanding to include the scope of information security, EAID has you covered with a predefined set of security controls and policies to fully measure the completeness and effectiveness of your security controls across organizational departments to meet your business needs.