EAID: Your InfoSec Compliance Policies Solution

EAID: Your InfoSec Compliance Policies Solution

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Visibility of Risk, Compliance Completeness and Remediation

Automation of Assessment Workflow and Reports

Complete with 9,300+ Questions, Covering 1,800+ Policies From 10+ Compliances

Out-of-the-Box Ready to Deploy in Less than an Hour

Configurable to Easily Meet Your Governance Needs

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Compliance manuals can be hundreds of pages long with over 1,000 policies each. The policies can be difficult to interpret and understand. It would take a small army to process them, write coherent policy templates, and create the appropriate 4-6 questions to validate the compliance and completeness of each policy. Additionally, trying to maintain these policy templates with any updates or additions to the compliances would be a nightmare. Finally, new governances and regulations are emerging on a regular basis and these must also be addressed.

Compliance Coverage

The EAID Solution comes with complete coverage of over a dozen compliance standards and policy templates for each. These standards include HIPAA-HITECH, PCI-DSS, FISMA, NIST CSF, NIST 800-83, ISO-27001, ISO-27002, FFIEC, GRPR, CCPA and others. BizzSecure continuously monitors these compliances, with many of our team members sitting on their governing boards, to update and maintain the policy templates and questions. We constantly add to our portfolio of compliances, policies and questions, to keep you up to date, safe and compliant.

Policy Completeness

The EAID Solution includes over 1,800 policy templates with over 9,300 qualifying questions to ensure the policies are compliant and complete. This number continues to grow over time as more governances are added to the portfolio.

Building Policies Based on Compliance Standards

For companies just getting started with their security policies and framework, EAID allows you to quickly and easily build your policies from templates based on various industry standards. The policy templates are easy to find and use ‘as is’, or they can be modified to meet your company requirements. Once the policy templates are built, an automated assessment to enforce these policies and security controls is only a click away.

Quick Start for New Assessments

For companies looking for a compliance assessment based on one or more industry standards, EAID provides a simple way to get started. They can quickly select their compliances and then enable some or all of the policy categories, which are generally tied to organizational departments. In just a few clicks, the automated assessment can begin, providing instant visibility into their security posture. Over time companies can grow their assessments to cover more of their organization’s departments.

Migration from Manual Flows

For companies migrating from a manual assessment methodology, EAID can make it easy to automate and expedite their process. It’s easy to find standards-based security controls within the platform that match-up with existing policies. These policies can be adopted for an assessment ‘as is’ or modified to be company specific. In most cases you will find additional policies that augment your company’s existing security controls, allowing you to improve your compliance completeness.