EAID: Your Virtual InfoSec Staff Solution

EAID: Your Virtual InfoSec Staff Solution

Information security compliance assessment solutions shield

Visibility of Risk, Compliance Completeness and Remediation

Automation of Assessment Workflow and Reports

Complete with 9,300+ Questions, Covering 1,800+ Policies From 10+ Compliances

Out-of-the-Box Ready to Deploy in Less than an Hour

Configurable to Easily Meet Your Governance Needs

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For new and emerging companies who need the knowledge and experience of an InfoSec team, yet don’t want to spend the $1M+ to bring them on board, we offer an on-demand team for a fraction of the cost.

Consistent Multi-level Expertise

We offer a consistent staff of risk, compliance and cybersecurity professionals to work with you and your teams under your direction, when needed. This staff may include CISOs, Compliance officers, Risk officers, Solution architects, Security architects, System architects, Solution analysts and others as needed.

With their broad expertise and vast experience in security design, industry standard frameworks, and compliance, your Virtual InfoSec Staff will be able to take a high-level view of your entire infrastructure to ensure that all security aspects are addressed in the design and maintenance of the security controls.

Flexible Availability

Your team can be made available on a retainer, on a subscription basis, or on demand.

Additionally, this team can provide any training and best practices to ensure long term strength and resilience or your compliant infrastructure.