HIPAA Compliance Training

HIPAA Compliance Training

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HIPAA Compliance Training

Stay Out of the Evening News By…
Completing IT Audits and Information Security Compliance in Less than 60 Days Using Assessment
Automation While Mitigating Your Security Risk and Avoiding Penalties


BizzSecure presents a short training on how to get information secure and compliant:

​How to Quickly Eliminate Spreadsheets and Word Docs and Get More Accurate Assessment Results

How to Grow Your Assessment from (Just) Cyber Security to All of Information Security and Build a Stronger and More Resilient Infrastructure

How to Measure and Improve Effectiveness of Security Controls


Find Policy Template for HIPAA

Security controls for IT Audit

Configurable, Flexible workflows for policy creation, review and approval

Notifications about policy changes and support

Compliance assessment and IT Audits

Map vulnerabilities identified to any compliance as HIPAA, NIST, PCI DSS or ISO Framework

Easily configurable policy templates to meet your governance needs

Identify and prioritize risks with interactive risk assessment dashboards to make security decisions and close security holes

Reduce your work from using spreadsheets to manage risk and compliance assessments

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