IT Assessment and Audit

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IT Assessment and Audit

Audits and assessments of your IT and InfoSec infrastructure can seem daunting. Traditional assessments are done with spreadsheets and word documents for a relatively small number of compliance policies with questions written by the CISO or the assessor in their language. Then the CISO or assessor must schedule the many meetings to ask and interpret the answers from the various departments. This whole process can take several months to a year until a report comes back from the assessor.

Audits are done by looking at these incomplete assessment reports with subjective interpretations of the security controls which often do not align with the auditor’s interpretation. Additionally, the policies from the compliance which the assessor chose to use, may not be the same policies which the auditor requires.

Automation, Completeness and Visibility

BizzSecure makes assessments as simple as answering questions, in the language of the people from the various departments answering the questions. Our EAID platform automates the process of assessing each of the compliance regulations for every single policy of the directive. These questions, answered by the appropriate people in the appropriate departments of your company,are rolled up into a comprehensive report for each policy.

This assessment report not only determines if your business has any compliance or security risks, but which security controls are in place and how effective they are. BizzSecure also helps prioritize and design the remediation efforts to improve compliance and reassess those policies that were lacking and then improved. Throughout the assessment and remediation efforts, key stakeholders have visibility of each step of the processes through a live dashboard.


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