Managed Network and Security Services

Enterprise data command center for managed network security services

In the current era where technology is ever advancing, protecting the confidential information of your business is extremely important. Besides this, compromising with managed security services can have a staggering effect on your company right from the roots. In such cases, a company that takes care of your managed network security services is like a knight in shining armor.

Managed network services mean hiring a third-party or outsourcing all your tasks related to network security. They take care of the protection of your network from all vulnerabilities besides the existing inadequacy in your network.

Network security installation or remediation demands optimum co-ordination between the company managing the network and the client whose security is in process. At BizzSecure, we not only involve our clients but we also keep them informed at every step. At the end of the day, it is their functional environment that is at stake so making the right choices as per requirement is very essential.

Ensuring your network, applications and security infrastructure are up and running 24/7 is critical to your business. If needed, we can manage the continuous monitoring and operation of network and security services for your company. This kind of automation introduced in the network for security proactively identifies and likewise mitigates the threat in real-time.

Our experience and innovative technology will ensure the highest security and performance management for your business applications and critical confidential data, without any operational hindrance.

NOC (Network Operation Center) and SOC (Security Operation Center)

NOC or Network Operation Center is a centralized place wherein an efficient team of support IT technicians supervise, monitor, and control a client’s managed security services network. Whether it is in-house or out-house, the key responsibilities and functions remain the same. It occurs that security surveillance involves working in abnormal shifts. The added benefit of hiring a third-party service provider is they have the expertise. Therefore they can facilitate 24/7 services. This is an added advantage from the security point of view.

NOC includes the following services:

  • Implementing a Firewall and Intrusion prevention system.
  • Optimizing and reporting the quality of the security network
  • Threat analysis
  • Backup and storage management
  • Providing recommendations for improvement

In the first, it is necessary to understand, there is a difference between NOC and SOC. NOC is more oriented towards management, monitoring, and maintenance, whereas SOC is focused on security. Both are equally important.

SOC (Security Operations Center) involves Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) systems, penetration testing tools amongst its primary tools. SOC not only analyzes networks but also looks after the servers and databases. This ensures detection and mitigation in real-time.

The main task delegated to SOC is taking complete charge of the ongoing, operational component of enterprise information security. The benefit of SOC is that no matter what time, date or day it is, any incident of intrusion is detected and noted.

We provide prompt notification and response whenever a security concern arises. Our team of experts will investigate and resolve attacks with minimal disruption to your team and environment. The watchful eyes of our professionals over your network shall prevent any network disaster from happening in your organization. So, contact us today for managed IT services.

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