Security Risk and Design Assessment

Risk knob that shows risk level of your enterprise IT security

Security Risk and Design Assessment

Security Risk Assessment

The key to improving your security infrastructure is understanding where you stand today. Our security risk assessment will identify, isolate, eliminate and immediate current and future security issues of your security infrastructure. We will perform risk evaluations, vulnerability assessments and compliance assessments, along with configuration analysis. The result will be an understanding of any and all gaps through which an attack might occur.

With this analysis, we will work with your InfoSec team and devise a strategy that enhances your current security infrastructure to protect against compliance gaps and security threats. Our strategies and processes have been proven effective through numerous engagements with other companies.

Security Design Assessment

Having a well-designed foundation for your security infrastructure is critical to thwarting cyber-attacks. We have many years of experience working with companies in countless industries, and we know a good design when we see it.

If you have an existing security design, we can perform a detailed assessment to find any design flaws or gaps, and help you understand the associated risks with all security appliances. Additionally, we check the configurations of the security appliances. We then put together a plan to remediate the weaknesses and plug the gaps that were found. Finally, we ensure that your infrastructure does not have a single point of failure to ensure high availability.

Security Design from Green Field

If you’re starting without any security framework and you’re in need of a security infrastructure design, our experienced team will design one that is robust, vendor agnostic, budget friendly, highly secure and resilient. This design will ensure you begin with a rock-solid foundation and build a state-of-the-art infrastructure based on your compliance needs and business requirements. We can also make recommendations for the appliances and configuration standards, along with the processes to ensure your security infrastructure is properly maintained.


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