Vulnerability Scan and Penetration Test

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Vulnerability Scan and Penetration Test

Vulnerability Scan and Management

With the betterment of technology, the systems are becoming more and more complex. This makes the system prone to attacks and vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scan and penetration are a part of the bigger process that is cyber defense technology.

The increasing growth of cyber-attacks is forcing organizations to prioritize information security. With our Vulnerability Scan service, we will help you identify and remediate existing issues in your security infrastructure with a thorough analysis of each surface of exposure. It also assists in

Our Vulnerability Management service will provide you with continuous and up-to-the-minute reports of vulnerabilities as well as the risks associated with them. It will also provide you with a process of identifying, evaluating and mitigating these vulnerabilities as they appear.

Security is an invisible yet crucial part of any business. After setting up once, it often gets ignored. With the passage of time, loopholes are created turning it into a weak infrastructure that is easier to be attacked by predators.

Continuous vulnerability scanning and management will ensure you maintain a state-of-the-art information security infrastructure on the perimeter of your private and public cloud environments.

Both Vulnerability scan and penetration testing result in absolutely different sets of information. A vulnerability scan is all about identifying and reporting the existing flaws present in your structure. It is a complete analysis of your current situation.

On the other hand, penetration testing involves notifying possible threats or malicious activities that may occur in your framework. Thus, the combination of both these tests creates a powerful assessment report. The network information security becomes stronger and secure.

Penetration Test

The only way to know about the integrity of your security infrastructure is to try to break through it. In a safe environment, we can perform advanced penetration tests on your networks, nodes, and applications to determine the security level of each piece of your infrastructure.

Penetration testing is an authorized way of exploiting your system without hampering it. It is an idea of what the attacker can do? And How? It is the next step after vulnerability testing.
It is more of a simulation of the attack and developing a mechanism that proofs your network if this occurs actually.

Penetration testing is performed by the following techniques:

  1. Black box testing
  2. Grey box testing
  3. White box testing

By performing this process the integrity of your system is maintained and you also get an idea of all that can go wrong. It also assures the maintenance of all the compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our EAID Team will work with your InfoSec team to identify vulnerabilities through the reports of this exploitation and then remediate the vulnerabilities to prevent malicious attacks. These vulnerabilities may exist in operating systems, services and application flaws, improper configurations, and/or risky end-user behavior.

Besides all of these, it also validates the current safeguarding present for your system along with its effectiveness. Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing together known as VAPT is a powerful process one must undergo for their business. BizzSecure has the expertise and works relentlessly in providing Visibility, Automation, and completeness to your business with VAPT.

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