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EAID Solution NextGen GRC

EAID Solution NextGen GRC

EAID SOLUTION NEXTGEN GRC Don't Just Implement Cybersecurity and Compliance Baseline, Implement Effective Baseline with The EAID Solution We use EAID Solution to define and implement your cybersecurity and regulatory compliance requirements baseline and automate governance for risks identification and remediation process which Provides: Visibility Maturity Automation Scalability Fortune 500 companies continue to get compromised, filling the evening news with stories of sensitive customer data being leaked to cyber-criminals. According to the Breach Level Index, roughly 10 billion records have been breached since 2016. These causes generally happen when there is...

BizzSecrue's virtual CISO services team

Virtual InfoSec Team

Don’t Have Cybersecurity Baseline Don’t Have Security, Compliance and Risk Team Don’t Have Information Security Controls, Policies & Procedures For new and emerging companies who need the knowledge and experience of a full InfoSec team, yet don’t want to spend the $1M+ to bring them on board, we offer an on-demand team for a fraction of the cost. Virtual CISO services play a crucial role in shaping your information security. Large companies can hire Risk Officers and even build an Infosec team as it...

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EAID Solution NextGen GRCVirtual InfoSec Team