What We Do

What We Do

In short: We help keep you and your company out of the evening news due to your sensitive business data being compromised.

Our Out-of-the-Box, Next Generation GRC solution offers visibility into your complex security framework with little to no implementation or setup. It comes with over 9,300 questions to validate over 1,800 policies and security controls, associated with over a dozen compliance regulations.

We do this with the EAID Solution which provides an automated and detailed IT assessment based on your security and compliance needs. As a third-party, we work with your teams and take a high-level look at all aspects of your information security. The result is a compliance visibility and risk report, detailing your status with respect to every policy and security control. We then work with your team to understand, prioritize, and design the needed remediation efforts to address any shortcomings highlighted by the assessment.

Throughout the entire engagement, you provide complete visibility of every aspect of the work through a dashboard with instant updates of assessment progress, projects completeness, resource utilization, and security posture.

When needed, we have a virtual InfoSec staff which can provide your business the experience and expertise needed to address the challenges of building and maintaining a strong and resilient security infrastructure. We can usually provide access to a multi-level staff of experts for less than the cost of hiring a single security professional.

We work closely with emerging and enterprise companies in healthcare, retail, financial and other industries to meet their compliances for HIPAA-HITECH, PCI-DSS, FISMA, NIST CSF or NIST 800-83, ISO-27002, FFIEC and others. Our Goal: Keep you out of the news and avoid any compliance audits or penalties.

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