About Us

Company Background

Since the beginning this century, our Founder and CEO, Vivek Sharma, has dedicated his life to protecting companies against cyber-attacks. Early on, he worked with the cybersecurity teams of Fortune 500 companies to assess and design their security infrastructure. Oftentimes, it was to deal with a recent breach of their framework and the exposure of sensitive data. In all situations, he was tasked by C-Level execs to make sure that the vulnerabilities and risks were minimized and to improve the strength and resiliency of the infrastructure against future attacks.

Throughout these engagements, Vivek found numerous situations where companies with the latest appliances and the smartest InfoSec departments were still getting hacked. He soon realized that the primary reasons for continuing breaches had to do with: A) manual, error-prone and incomplete assessments, B) lack of visibility and validation of the assessment and remediation processes, and C) security design flaw resulting from the failure to connect the dots between InfoSec and IT departments.

In 2014, Vivek started building a solution to protect companies from the never-ending onslaught of cyber- attacks. He knew the solution had to include an assessment platform to address the first two of the primary reasons for continuing attacks. But he didn’t want to stop there, so he included a team of experts to address the third primary reason as well.

The unique solution he built came to be known as EAID (Enterprise Assessment and InfoSec Design). The EAID platform provides the automation and accuracy, while the 10+ person-years of effort to interpret the compliance policies and build the assessment engine provides the unparalleled completeness that reduces vulnerabilities and their associated risks. Finally, the EAID team comprises of several levels of security professionals, working with the client’s existing team of experts to ensure the design and remediation is done correctly and completely.

Vivek and his company are also committed to the community. As such, he is committed to helping non-profit companies and companies serving great causes in their community by offering these companies a FREE basicCybersecurity assessment.

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