We have developed unique approach to help InfoSec department to automate internal audit and gain visibility of security and compliance risks and stay prepared for the final audits. Our goal is to keep our clients secure and compliant to prevent cyber-attacks and financial penalties.

Our EAID (Enterprise Assessment and InfoSec Design) Platform furthermore automates compliance assessments and assessments of your information security and IT framework. Thus, providing results up to 10 times faster than manual flows with documents and spreadsheets. It supports over 12 compliances such as NIST, HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, ISO, FFIEC, GDPR and others.

EAID can be set up and running in a couple of hours and it provides visibility into your complex framework. Consequently, it allows you to automatically assess every policy and security control of your compliance regulations.

We offer a multi-level team of experts to assist in the understanding, strategizing, prioritizing, and designing of your security framework and remediation efforts as needed.

Therefore, BizzSecure focuses on automation and visibility of your InfoSec infrastructure and compliance in every sense. Besides this, we focus largely on completeness in every compliance control and assessment we conduct.

Security officer examine paper using magnify glass for better IT information security assessment

Internal Audit

We assess and prepare you for compliance and IT audit. Our EAID platform automates internal audit and get you instant visibility of your IT and compliance risks. It provides policy templates to address each security control and help you to gather the necessary evidences for your upcoming audit with minimal resource overhead in your organization. Key Benefits Visibility of IT and Compliance Risks Automate Internal Audit Work Flow Effective Policy Enforcement Instant Reports Implement Built-in Policies for Security Controls Readiness for Compliance and IT Audits Avoid Financial Penalties Prioritize and Track Remediation Compliance and IT audit preparation can...

Information Security and Compliance Risk Assessment Solutions

Compliance assessment of security infrastructure can seem daunting. Traditional assessments are done manually, with spreadsheets and word documents for a relatively small number of compliance policies. This manual process is likewise error-prone and can take up to six months to a year to complete. Moreover, there is no visibility until the handwritten report shows up. BizzSecure focuses on automating these risk enduring techniques for your organization with strategic security compliance solutions. Our Compliance Assessment Solution provides visibility, automation, and completeness. We create compliance and Information security assessments, and assessors can begin validating completeness and effectiveness of security controls. BizzSecure...

Compliance Policy

Design Information Security Policy

Compliance manuals can be hundreds of pages long with over 1,000 policies each. Understanding and interpreting individual compliance policy can be difficult. It would take a small army to process them and write coherent information security policy templates. Creating the appropriate 4-6 questions to validate the compliance and completeness of each policy is equally a mammoth task. Additionally, trying to maintain these policy templates with any updates or additions to the compliances and Information security would be a nightmare. Finally, new governances and regulations are emerging on a regular basis and it is crucial that...

Risk knob that shows level of security risk and design assessment of your IT security

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

The key to improving your security infrastructure is understanding where you stand today. Security risk assessment is all about identifying and implementing security controls in applications besides preventing the vulnerabilities. Our security risk assessment will identify, isolate, eliminate and remediate current and future security issues of your security infrastructure. We will perform risk evaluations, vulnerability assessments, and compliance assessments, along with configuration analysis. The result will be an understanding of any and all gaps through which an attack might occur. With this analysis, we will work with your InfoSec team and devise a strategy that enhances your current security infrastructure...

BizzSecrue's virtual CISO services team

Virtual CISO Services & InfoSec Team

For new and emerging companies who need the knowledge and experience of a full InfoSec team, yet don’t want to spend the $1M+ to bring them on board, we offer an on-demand team for a fraction of the cost. Virtual CISO services play a crucial role in shaping your InfoSec network. Large companies can hire Risk Officers and even build an Infosec team as it is both economically and technically viable decision for them. Whereas, For Midscale or enterprise-level companies hiring a Virtual chief information security officer or even an entire team can perform the task in a fixed...

IT Manager Explain about security penetration testing services to Employees

Vulnerability Scan and Security Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Scan and Management With the betterment of technology, the systems are becoming more and more complex. This makes the system prone to attacks and vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scanning and security penetration testing are a part of the bigger process that is cyber defense technology. The increasing growth of cyber-attacks is forcing organizations to prioritize information security. With our Vulnerability Scan service, we will help you identify and remediate existing issues in your security infrastructure. With a thorough analysis and penetration testing services, we identify each surface of exposure.  Our Vulnerability Management service will provide you with continuous and up-to-the-minute reports of...

Enterprise data command center for managed network security services

Managed Network and Security Services

In the current era where technology is ever advancing, protecting the confidential information of your business is extremely important. Besides this, compromising with managed security services can have a staggering effect on your company right from the roots. In such cases, a company that takes care of your managed network security services is like a knight in shining armor. Managed network services mean hiring a third-party or outsourcing all your tasks related to network security. They take care of the protection of your network from all vulnerabilities besides the existing inadequacy in your network. Network security installation or remediation demands...

Network and information high availability security lock connects to network points

Network and Information High Availability

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, it is crucial to have a highly reliable, high-speed network that has high network availability. Consequently, this ensures higher productivity, high information availability, and efficiency without any downtime or complications. The present working culture involves cloud services at large. This explains why having a secure network is so crucial in the first place. Secondly, it is equally important to be available at all times. Else, what’s the point of having it secure if it’s not functional. With the complexities arising in networks, building redundancies is an equal mammoth of a task. The simultaneous task in...

Internal AuditInformation Security and Compliance Risk Assessment SolutionsDesign Information Security PolicyCybersecurity Risk AssessmentVirtual CISO Services & InfoSec TeamVulnerability Scan and Security Penetration TestingManaged Network and Security ServicesNetwork and Information High AvailabilityEAID PlatformFree Basic Assessment (Non-Profit and Great Cause companies)

Internal AuditInformation Security and Compliance Risk Assessment SolutionsDesign Information Security PolicyCybersecurity Risk AssessmentVirtual CISO Services & InfoSec TeamVulnerability Scan and Security Penetration TestingManaged Network and Security ServicesNetwork and Information High AvailabilityEAID PlatformFree Basic Assessment (Non-Profit and Great Cause companies)