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BizzSecure simplifies the Information Security (InfoSec) and Compliance of your business, and we do it 10 times faster than traditional manual approaches, with instant visibility and reports of every step of every process.

We work with our clients to quickly and easily assess and design their security infrastructure based on compliance and business requirements. We do this with a tailored combination of our EAID Platform and EAID Team, also known as your Virtual InfoSec Staff. We work with your IT and security teams to make sure you are not on the evening news explaining the latest security breach of your company’s data.

IT Assessment and Audit

Audits and Assessments of your IT and InfoSec infrastructure can seem daunting. BizzSecure makes them as simple as answering questions, in the language of the associated departments. Our EAID platform automates the process of assessing each of the compliance regulations for each policy of the directive. These questions, answered by the appropriate people in appropriate departments of your company, not only determines if your business has any compliance or security risks, but which security controls are in place and how effective they are.

GRC Solution

Our services don’t stop with the assessment or audit. They continue to help your teams understand the detailed reports, prioritize the remediation efforts, and design the security controls needed to be compliant and secure. We also track and provide instant visibility into every aspect of every project of every step of the process.

EAID Solution

Our EAID platform is the foundation of your security and compliance success. It leverages our numerous years of experience and automates many aspects of compliance assessment, security design and maintenance. Your EAID team, which is part of the EAID Solution, is based on your needs and may consist of CSO-level professionals, Risk and Compliance Officers, Security Analysts, Solution Architects and IT experts. They work with your InfoSec and IT teams to provide guidance, design security infrastructure and ensure compliance completeness.

Our team of experts is certified with security frameworks and compliance including ISO 27002, PCI-DSS, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, NIST CSF, HIPAA-HITECH, FFIEC, FISMA, GDPR and more. We follow effective and streamlined processes which have been proven through numerous security infrastructure designs and assessments with other companies.

The EAID platform tracks and provides instant visibility into every aspect of every project of every step of the process. It ensures the communication and ultimate transparency needed by the stakeholders of your security infrastructure. The EAID platform also provides up-to-the-minute reports of security gaps, risk analysis and compliance completeness.

Key Benefits
  • Automated Assessments 10X Faster
  • Ensure Compliance Completeness
  • Avoid Compliance Penalties
  • Increase Visibility of Security Posture
  • Enhance Security Controls Implementation
  • Understand Security Vulnerabilities and Risk

Virtual InfoSec Staff

For new and emerging companies who need the knowledge and experience of a full InfoSec team, yet don’t want to spend the $1M+ to bring them on board, we offer an on-demand team for a fraction of the cost.

We can provide a consistent team of risk, compliance and cybersecurity professionals to work with you when needed. This team may include CISOs, Compliance officers, Risk officers, Solution architects, Security architects and others as needed.

With their broad expertise and vast experience in security design based on industry standard frameworks and compliance, your Virtual InfoSec Staff will be able to take a high-level view of your entire infrastructure to ensure that all security aspects are addressed in the design and maintenance of the security controls.

Additionally, this team will provide any training and best practices to ensure long term strength and resilience or your compliant infrastructure.

Security Risk Assessment

The key to improving your security infrastructure is understanding where you stand today. Our security risk assessment will identify, isolate, eliminate and remediate current and future security issues of your security infrastructure. We will perform risk evaluations, vulnerability assessments and compliance assessments, along with configuration analysis. The result will be an understanding of any and all gaps through which an attack might occur.

With this analysis, we will work with your InfoSec team and devise a strategy that enhances your current security infrastructure to protect against compliance gaps and security threats. Our strategies and processes have been proven effective through numerous engagements with other companies.

Vulnerability Scan and Management

The increasing growth of cyber attacks are forcing organizations to prioritize information security. With our Vulnerability Scan service, we will help you identify and remediate existing issues in your security infrastructure.

Our Vulnerability Management service will provide you with continuous and up-to-the-minute reports of vulnerabilities as well as the risks associated with them. It will also provide you with a process of identifying, evaluating and mitigating these vulnerabilities as they appear. Continuous vulnerability scanning and management will ensure you maintain a state-of-the-art information security infrastructure on the perimeter of your private and public cloud environments.

Penetration Test

The only way to know about the integrity of your security infrastructure is to try to break through it. In a safe environment, we can perform advanced penetration tests on your networks, nodes and applications to determine the security level of each piece of your infrastructure. Your EAID Team will work with your InfoSec team to identify vulnerabilities through the reports of this exploitation and then remediate the vulnerabilities to prevent malicious attacks. These vulnerabilities may exist in operating systems, services and application flaws, improper configurations, and / or risky end-user behavior.

Security Design Assessment

Having a well-designed foundation for your security infrastructure is critical to thwarting cyber attacks. We have many years of experience working with companies in countless industries, and we know a good design when we see it.

If you have an existing security design, we can perform a detailed assessment to find any design flaws or gaps, and help you understand the associated risks. We then put together a plan to remediate the weaknesses and plug the gaps that were found.

If you’re in need of a security infrastructure design, our experienced team will design one that is robust, vendor agnostic, budget friendly, highly secure and resilient. This design will ensure you begin with a rock-solid foundation and build a state-of-the-art infrastructure based on your compliance needs and business requirements. We can also make recommendations for the appliances and configuration standards, along with the processes to ensure your security infrastructure is properly maintained.

Managed Network & Security Services

Ensuring your network, applications and security infrastructure are up and running 24/7 is critical to your business. If needed, we can manage the continuous monitoring and operation of network and security services for your company. Our experience and innovative technology will ensure the highest security and performance management for your business applications and critical confidential data, without any operational hinderance.

We provide prompt notification and response whenever a security concern arises. Our team of experts will investigate and resolve attacks with minimal disruption in your environment.

Network & Information High Availability Assessment

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, it is always crucial to have reliable and high-speed networks.
This ensures higher productivity and efficiency without any downtime or complications. We can help you develop and maintain a state-of-the-art data center and branch network infrastructure. We do this by leveraging our extensive experience in assessment, design, standardization and documentation of advanced secure infrastructures.

Our experienced team can design and build an efficient SDWAN, DMVPN, GET VPN, MPLS, IPSec VPN and other
wireless networks for your business. This allows you to effectively scale communication between data centers
and branches seamlessly.

Expert Services

We believe in forming a strategic alliance with our clients to guarantee a suitable Information Security (InfoSec) strategy. The EAID Team is here to provide expert services to assess, design and maintain security infrastructure. We work closely with your stakeholders and security team to find design and vulnerability gaps and remediate security concerns.

Our team of CSO-level professionals, security analysts, system architects and IT experts will help you make an informed decision. We are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction and we will go the extra mile for you. We offer tailored solutions so to fulfill InfoSec needs and day-to-day IT requirements with support teams equipped to deploy comprehensive network security solutions, application security, endpoint security and network segmentation.