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InfoSec Challenges for CISOs, CTOs and CIOs

Why is it important to Prepare for Compliance and IT Audits

There is a golden rule that is taught in all disaster management courses that instruct students on how to deal with earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and such natural disasters: preparedness. This fundamental rule is just as applicable to information security risks and hazards as it is to natural disasters. Since the cybersphere works at an impossible pace, new cybersecurity risks arise every day. This makes it...

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How to Prepare for Compliance and IT Audits

Compliance and IT audits are indispensable in any organization for a healthy security posture. They help you identify the weaknesses in your security management, risk assessment, and remediation measures. Several internal and external authorities conduct regular compliance and IT audits for businesses based on their affiliated industry. It is, therefore, important to prepare carefully for such audits. Here are some tips on how to prepare for compliance and IT audits. Make...

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How IT can Maintain the Effectiveness of Security Policies

Information technology, or IT, is arguably the technology of the century. It sure has transformed the world. With all the benefits of IT, however, a lot of security risks have also penetrated our lives. Organizations must design effective information security policies to ensure that their business operations remain safe from the malicious intruders and data to thieve. Ironically, an excellent way to maintain the effectiveness...

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IT helps you keep track of all the new developments in the world of software, digital business operations, information security,and cyber-crime. These four aspects are usually divided into two major departments in any organization:IT and Information Security (InfoSec). For the security of your organization’s data assets, cyber risks can only be discovered and addressed by well-trained and well-maintained IT and InfoSec staff. These two departments...

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Protecting your organization against cyber-crimes such as hacking, intrusion,and data theft is an aspect of business that you simply cannot afford to overlook.The security posture of your organization is at stake. Security posture means the security status of your network, software as well as hardware. Thus, your security posture is centered around your current cyber-security measures and your preparedness to counter any intrusive attack or...

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With rapid and simultaneous developments in the worlds of cybercrime and cybersecurity, information security has become the keyword of the decade. Information security policies dictate your organization’s action plan to forestall any potential risks to your digital assets. However, designing effective information security policies requires rigorous understanding of the probable risks, the target audience, as well as prevention and mitigation routes among other factors. Below are...

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A lot of organizations take pride in their information security policies. Few, however, are able to ensure compliance and enforceability. It is not enough to design great security policies for your organization. You must also constantly monitor how effective those policies are. Here are some tips on how to ensure that information security policies remain effective: Keep updating Times change rapidly in the digital world. Every new day presents a...

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Information security policies are meant to keep your organization’s data safe. However, designing effective information security policies is far from easy. Rapid evolution of technology poses fresh threats every day and most policies need to be implemented across a multi-user organization. Policy design faces numerous challenges that need to be overcome.These challenges arise not only from external factors, but also internal discrepancies as well. Find out...

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Design Information Security Policies the Right Way

Is the fear of malware and data leakage in your organization’s computers giving you sleepless nights? It is time to design and implement information security policies that protect your organization from network breaches. Information security policies provide an organization-wide agenda and enforcement plan for any potential risk-incurring network intrusions. This framework must be enforced on every single person in your organization to make it effective and...

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5 Tips for HIPAA Audits

As we swiftly navigate this digital age, we must stop occasionally to ensure that the data we generate is secure. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)provides one such toll booth. It is designed to protect patients’ healthcare data from misuse and fraudulent behavior. While HIPAA audits are essential, they can also seem like a huge burden to the organizations being audited....

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