Cyber Security Assessment


Cybersecurity has taken a center stage in the business world of the 21stcentury. As a majority of business and financial operations are conducted in the form of interactions between computer systems over the internet, the threats to business processes from sophisticated cyber-attacks are also increasing at an alarming rate.

In such a scenario it becomes imperative for organizations to conduct professional cybersecurity assessments on a time-bound framework and make sure that their cyber policies are compliant with the latest standards. However, the task is easier said than done. In this article we are going to start at the basics, and then explore the ins-and-outs of cyber security assessments, and how it can help your business.

What It Is

The term Cybersecurity assessment itself is pretty self-explanatory. It is essentially a periodic checkup of the cyber assets of your organization in order to determine their vulnerability towards external attacks. Think of it like a routine visit to your doctor. The cyber security assessment helps to identify potential flaws in the safety practices and systems of your digital infrastructure and helps you to overcome the same.

Types Of Cybersecurity Assessments

Based on their purpose, cyber security assessments can be classified as below:

Cybersecurity Audits: This form of assessment is meant to ensure compliance with existing regulatory frameworks. A common example is HIPAA compliance. These are tactical assessments that provide the required strategy to remain compliant with the best security practices.

Vulnerability Assessment: In this form of assessment an organization’s digital assets are evaluated against external threats to ensure their resilience.

Penetration Testing: As opposed to passive testing, penetration testing involves employing actual exploits to try and actively breach an organization’s digital security. This is done in order to perform a real time analysis of the digital security system.

All three types of Cybersecurity assessments produce a list of recommendations which aim to improve the Cybersecurity efforts of the organization in question.

The Need For Cybersecurity Assessments

Cyber security assessments can be of immense help in streamlining the operation of an organization’s IT infrastructure. For starters, compliance manuals are often difficult to navigate, and most people trip up on where to begin. Professional Cybersecurity assessments can provide the required guidance in this respect. Further, by providing a framework for future assessments and improving interdepartmental reliance, assessments can actually contribute towards reducing costs in the long term. Cybersecurity assessments help to generate greater awareness about a business’ cyber assets, and thus mitigate breaches.

Who Is It For

Ideally, any business that relies on digital resources to carry out its operations is required to have periodic Cybersecurity assessments. This can be legally required as well, such as for insurance purposes and to avoid financial penalties.

Final Thoughts

Managing cyber resources can be challenging for any business. We at BizzSecure understand your concerns. Ensuring proper security and safety of your business’ digital assets can be a difficult task to handle. However, with the proper guidance your organization can achieve the levels of security it truly requires.