Cybersecurity Complexity Can Create Vulnerabilities for Cyber Attacks

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Cybersecurity Complexity Can Create Vulnerabilities for Cyber Attacks

Organizations are trying to deploy every possible security solution and appliance they can afford in order to stay ahead of the latest evolving cyber threats. While these new solutions and appliances provide protection, they also increase the complexity of your security design and infrastructure.

InfoSec departments are struggling to understand how to include these new solutions and appliances while maintaining their compliance. Additionally, as I mentioned before, each new appliance and security layer brings the burden of more exposure due to maintenance requirements.

There is an additional challenge due to the language barrier between InfoSec who designs the new security control and IT departments who implement this new technology. This language difference is due to a lack of in-depth security knowledge by the IT team and understanding the implementation of the infrastructure design with the security controls.

Due to this language barrier, many enterprise companies are losing the fight against new and evolving cyber threats. InfoSec departments will greatly benefit from a third-party company to help connect the dots and to help understand and communicate security and compliance requirements for each security design change and enhancement.

I’ve seen this happen many times in my 18+ years of experience and I hope you can avoid these mishaps in your business. Stay tuned for more shared experiences coming soon,