Dealing with Challenging Security Compliances

Dealing with Challenging Security Compliances

Dealing with Challenging Security Compliances

With the rapid proliferation of information regulations such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, SOX, and SSAE16, information security compliance has never been more crucial. The task of complying and proving compliance is becoming daunting as requirements are changing while many organizations’ expertise and financial base remains static. At the same time, the cost of not complying is now unbearable leaving CISOs and security leaders with no option but to religiously adhere to requirements. For instance, the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 2018 has advanced not just to the EU but to the world, that data should be appropriately managed.

According to the NY Times Google was fined a record €50m, the world’s largest data protection fine, for failing to give comprehensible information on its data use policies to its customers. There is now a greater need to prove compliance and to own organizational promises on data protection and legal stipulations, by company management. Security compliance has now established itself as a distinguishing competitive advantage.

Security Compliance initiatives should focus on implementing information security policies and procedures for protecting information as required by specific laws, regulations, and best practice standards. CISOs and security leaders should generally focus on building capabilities which protect data, mitigate problems and provide adequate compliance reports to management and regulatory authorities.

Being in the era of big data, sophisticated space storages, progressive multiple data legislation and increasing demand for ethical data practices merely focus on reactive compliance, which in turn will increasingly fail many organizations. Organizations now must handle their data stewardship at a personal level exercising utmost due diligence. The focus of CISOs and security leaders going forward is being proactive by making their compliance programs agile and efficient. Security and privacy automation are now key. It should be embedded within all business processes and protocol points. Such tasks require sophisticated infrastructure and specialized expertise with which many organizations fail to keep up.

Through our EAID (Enterprise Assessment and InfoSec Design) solution, the seemingly insurmountable security compliance challenge is addressed, delivering automated processes, compliance completeness, real-time compliance reports and proactive insights on emerging compliance trends.

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