Five Tips for Compliance Assessments

Five Tips for Compliance Assessments

Data is a most important business commodity, and guaranteeing the protection of data is of paramount importance to ensuring the safekeeping of business critical information. With growing complexity in technology, the protection of IT assets is becoming at the same time advanced and more challenging. New technologies are available to malicious entities who may seek to destabilize your business operations. For organizations such as medical establishments, which must deal with personal health. information (PHI) on a regular basis, guaranteeing the protection of the same becomes a challenge. These organizations need to follow several regulatory compliance rules to maintain the safety and security of customer data. Therefore, compliance assessments have become the norm for most organizations covered under any regulatory rules. To help your (and other’s) organization deal with compliance assessments, here are five important tips.

Be Ready to Update Continuously

Compliance requirements can change rapidly, and often your employee training may become outdated faster than you can keep up with. This leads to non-compliant behavior on the part of your employees; which, of course, is not desirable. Make sure your training processes are up to date with the help of subject matter experts who can assist you in keeping abreast of the latest compliance rules.

Test Your Employees

Merely training your staff in the nuances of compliance assessments is not enough; you need to make sure they have actually absorbed the training. In order to do so, you can periodically quiz your staff on what they have been trained on. Better yet, you can hold mock assessments that can help prepare them for the real thing when time comes.

Inculcate a Culture of Compliance

Compliance is not essentially a goal… rather it should be seen as a habit. Starting right from the highest management to the person on the factory floor, everyone should be integrated into the compliance process with equal priority. Fostering a sense of ethical cyber-behavior can go a long way towards achieving compliance.

Leverage Automation to Your Advantage

It goes without saying that compliance assessments are not an easy task; it involves a myriad of complex processes that need to work in tandem for ensuring the right levels of security. This requires a lot of routine tasks to be completed that may take up your valuable time. In order to avoid wasting time and resources, consider using automation. Use of automation can not only save time and eliminate a lot of frustration, but also contribute towards offering valuable insights that human eyes may not be able to notice.

Keep It Simple

One of the greatest hurdles that companies face on the path to regulatory compliance is getting overwhelmed by the complicated requirements for achieving compliance. Don’t go down that road. In case you feel things are getting out of hand, seek professional help. Remember to keep it simple.

Final Words

Compliance Assessments need not be a nightmare if you follow the above tips you can be sure to reach your compliance goals without a hitch.