Five Tips to Help Increase Visibility of Security Infrastructure

Five Tips to Help Increase Visibility of Security Infrastructure

So, you have your security infrastructure in place… your IT team has it under control, your data is safe, and you can forget about your security system, (because it’s working, right?) and focus on your core business functionalities.

Then one fine morning you get a rude wake-up call—you have been breached. Your business critical data is held under ransom, and your IT team has no idea what happened.

This can be your business, any day. Cyber security is a complex topic, and there is no room for complacency in a world where cyber-criminals are spending every wakeful moment trying to devise methods to upend your security infrastructure. In such a situation, you always need to be on top of your security system.

This can only be done by ensuring proper visibility across your entire security infrastructure. In today’s complex cyber landscape there is no tolerance for lax behavior. Unless you are making continuous efforts to increase the visibility of your security infrastructure, you are headed on the road to destruction.

To help you attain the desired levels of visibility here are five tips that you can follow:

Be on Continuous Lookout

One of the most important, yet fundamental steps that you can take to improve your visibility is to practice unwavering vigilance. By keeping track of all the security systems you own, and how they are being operated, you stand to gain a high-level idea of your existing infrastructure.

Establish a Visibility Architecture

This is an integral part of increasing your security infrastructure visibility. Established visibility architectures help to organize and streamline the flow of information to security monitoring systems. What’s more, it also lets you keep tabs on the quality and integrity of the inputs being supplied to the operational units.

Automate Routine Tasks

Improving visibility involves a certain level of routine, repetitive tasks that may be too dull for human observers. In this case, you can leverage the help of automation. Automated tools can improve visibility of your security infrastructure and elevate improvements to exponential levels.

Know the Risks

One of the greatest incentives of doing any job well is to know what would happen if you fail at it. For increasing your visibility levels, make sure the person or persons involved are well aware of the mayhem that can ensue in the event proper visibility practices are not followed.

Explore Possibilities

It’s a proven truth that maintaining the status quo is one of the greatest mistakes you can make in the field of security.You must always be on the lookout for new possibilities and make efforts to include the latest technologies in your visibility improvement efforts.


By our own admission, the above tips are not exhaustive; there are many other steps that you can take in order to improve your visibility efforts, such as employing professionals who are experts in this domain. However, keeping the above tips in mind is sure to help you on the road to total security control.