Five Tips to Help Prepare for IT Audits

Are you Prepared for Your Compliance and IT Audit?

Five Tips to Help Prepare for IT Audits

Information Technology (IT) forms the backbone of business in the 21st century. Most businesses of today are wholly or partially, directly or indirectly dependent on IT systems for their everyday operation. So, whether you are a one-man show or a global conglomerate, if you need your business to succeed, you must focus on the well-functioning of your IT infrastructure.

This is exactly where IT audits can help. IT audits allow an organization to take stock of its current IT assets, and also ensure the smooth operation of the same. IT audits help to develop security policies that should be followed for the safe operation of digital assets.

However, the fact remains that IT audits are a complex task that is best left to the experts, and businesses often find themselves at a loss regarding IT audits. Therefore, to ensure you do not face this difficulty, here are five tips that can help you prepare for an IT audit.

Know Your Type

All IT audits are not created equal; they come in different shapes and sizes: each have separate functions. While preparing for an IT audit you need to settle on the type of IT audit your organization requires. For a full list of IT audit types and preparation strategies, check out our eBook.

Prepare Proper Documentation

The right documentation is one of the most important prerequisites for a successful audit. So before the auditing begins, it would be prudent to gather all essential information in one place so that you can present it to the auditors as soon as they need it. This will facilitate the smooth running of the audit process.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

Everybody needs help once in a while, and preparation for IT audits can be tough. In case you feel the need to rely on professional experts to make the job easy for you, don’t delay in asking for the help of experienced audit pros.

Know Your Performance

Chances are this is not the first time you are preparing for an audit. If that is indeed the case, be sure you have a clear idea of the findings of the last audit and what steps were taken in response. This will help you assess your security measures in the right context.

Make it a Habit

An IT audit is not meant to be a static, one-off exercise. The IT landscape is ever changing, and disruptions are taking place every moment. Along with innovations, the dangers that plague IT assets are morphing into bigger threats with time.

IT audits must also be repeatedly carried out to ensure that your security measures are sufficient and up to date. Prepare a routine for carrying out an IT audit at least once a year; this will help you stay a step ahead of the latest threats.


IT audits aren’t easy: but they can and should be carried out in the proper manner. All it takes is the right preparation and appropriate assistance.