Reason to Prepare for Compliance and IT Audits


Reason to Prepare for Compliance and IT Audits

As the world of cyber-threats continues to expand ferociously, one cannot afford to lose any time when it comes to information security. Information security policies are designed to help your organization overcome such cyber-threats. However, having a security policy is not nearly enough. Information security is highly dependent on checks and controls over the effectiveness of and the adherence to your organization’s policies. Two important checks and controls are compliance and IT audits. Compliance and IT audits are meant to help your organization identify the weaknesses, inconsistencies,and loopholes that could compromise its security posture.

Let us look at some of the reasons why you should prepare for compliance and IT audits

You cannot take IT audits lightly

While they may seem extremely painstaking, IT audits do your organization a lot of good. They involve a thorough review of the software and network controls in place to protect your organization’s data. You can identify critical loopholes in your security policy and correct them timely to prevent a major security disaster. Preparing for these audits will make it easier for you to work on the gaps in your security management system.

Non-compliance is dangerous

Security policies require compliance from all your employees. Non-compliance makes any security measures against data thefts and leakage ineffective. It could make your organization an easy target for intruders and cyber-criminals. If you prepare for compliance audits, this process will make sure that your employees do their homework to be more compliant withyour security policies.

Avoid legal action

Many organizations are regulated by one or more federal or state laws designed to protect consumer data and privacy. If your organization is regulated by laws and regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS,and others, non-compliance and poor security controls will invite hefty fines and legal action. Preparing for compliance and IT audits will help prevent legal and financial action against your organization when auditors come by for review.

Loyalty to your customers

Customers are the biggest strength as well as the greatest weakness of any organization because they can make or break your business. When your customers have trusted your organization to use or process their data responsibly, it is your solemn duty to protect them. You must ensure that their sensitive and confidential information is not accessed by any malicious intruders. Compliance and IT audits help you meet this goal.

Beat the competition

It is very likely that there are several other companies that do exactly what you do. They provide the exact same services to the same target customer group. How, then, do you beat the competition? You must assure them that you are the safest and the most reliable organization in your group. Preparing for compliance and IT audits will help you gain a strong foothold in your industry.


There are many reasons to prepare for compliance and IT audits. Consider all the reasons that we have discussed above and share them with your employees as well. This will help your organization become a trustworthy, reliable,and secure market resource.