The Challenge of Stricter Compliance Regulations

The Challenge of Stricter Compliance Regulations

The Challenge of Stricter Compliance Regulations

Hi All,

This is Kris Seeburn the CTO of BizzSecure. Along with Vivek, I will be sharing some additional insights from the Information Security (InfoSec) world here in these blogs.

In the last few years, compliances and regulations for various industries have grown more stringent and become more streamlined to meet new technological advancements. Organizations, irrespective of being in the public or private sector, have come to rely heavily on Information Technology and Information Systems for their daily activities. A typical information system in an organization can range from simpler personnel systems to complex industrial systems like SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). Based on this complexity, the risk associated with these systems varies from low impact to high impact. Therefore, due to these evolving technologies, the standards and regulations must undergo iterations to remain relevant in this digital age.

SMB organizations, usually startups, will have highly capable people with regards to their core business. Where they require the most support is understanding their threat landscape and their regulatory (compliance) requirements, while defining an appropriate security strategy in sync with business needs and laying down a roadmap for successful implementation of security programs for the organization.

A virtual InfoSec staff, which could handle all these security and compliance tasks, would be a perfect solution and save these SMBs significant money in their critical early stages of existence. A full team of multi-level security professionals could be provided on-demand to these companies, for less than the cost of a single full-time security employee.

I hope this helps some of you who are contemplating your cybersecurity and InfoSec needs. Stay tuned for more insight in the coming weeks.

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