Why Cyber Attacks Keep Happening

Why Cyber Attacks Keep Happening

Why Cyber Attacks Keep Happening

Why are Fortune 500 companies continuing to fall victim to cyber attacks? This question has been a head-scratcher for many chief information security officers (CISOs) and other information security staff. What is causing these attacks when all of their security controls and appliances are in place? Sometimes it’s hard to believe that minor negligence can cause a severe compromise.

Being in the InfoSec industry for over 18 years, I’ve identified several causes for cyber attacks. It continues to amaze me how minor mistakes in security infrastructure can turn into serious security issues in large enterprises. Some of the issues were so small; yet could have been prevented with better validation processes.

After seeing how a small mistake can ruin a business’s reputation in the market, I’ve decided to start sharing my experiences with the InfoSec community. I hope sharing my expertise will contribute to reducing your security risk.

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