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We are looking for auditors who want to grow in the audit world by partnering with us! We empower our partners by providing them the EAID NextGen GRC solution at no cost up to 10 Assessors/Admins!
As you know spreadsheets are still dominant in the audit process but don’t provide visibility to executives.
In order to be secure and compliant identifying gaps with audits/assessments is just not enough, this is only the first step. Once you find those gaps you now need to take it to every single department and convey in their language so that they can fix it. It doesn’t end there, you have to track and validate them as well. This whole process is extremely manual which leads to a disconnect between security and other departments. With our EAID solution our partners can bridge that gap and automate the entire workflow to keep companies secure and compliant.
EAID is not just an auditing tool, it is a solution for auditors and executives to keep companies secure and compliant by bridging the gap between security and IT department.
If you want to grow, then partner with us!

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