Virtual InfoSec Team

BizzSecrue's virtual CISO services team

For new and emerging companies who need the knowledge and experience of a full InfoSec team, yet don’t want to spend the $1M+ to bring them on board, we offer an on-demand team for a fraction of the cost. Virtual CISO services play a crucial role in shaping your InfoSec network.

Large companies can hire Risk Officers and even build an Infosec team as it is both economically and technically viable decision for them. Whereas, For Midscale or enterprise-level companies hiring a Virtual chief information security officer or even an entire team can perform the task in a fixed budget.

It may occur that your company does not require cybersecurity consulting services on a regular basis. So, you do not wish to invest permanently in delegating this task. In a situation like this, virtual CISO services come to your rescue. In this way, you neither ignore the evident risks and also save on higher finance.

Our proficient team has experience in handling complex projects. This comes in handy when giving recommendations for better security infrastructure. IT security specialists team proves to be very functional in strategizing a comprehensive method for limiting operational risks. We conduct this process in steps that begin by understanding the core of your company. This helps in identifying any hidden threats and vulnerabilities.

Consistent Multi-level Expertise

We provide a consistent team of risk, compliance and cybersecurity professionals to work with you and your teams when needed. This team may include CISOs (Chief information security officers), Compliance Officers, Risk Officers, Solution architects, Security architects & others required.

A team that has tasks divided at multiple levels ensures that they can successfully identify the impact of a security breach and take actions for mitigating it. A multi-level team of experts chip in their myriad of skill-sets to solve the problem in a better way. Moreover, they have better updation about the recent threats faced by other companies working in a similar niche as yours.

With their broad expertise and vast experience in security design assessment based on industry-standard frameworks and compliance, your Virtual InfoSec Staff will be able to take a high-level view of your entire infrastructure to ensure that all security aspects are addressed in the design and maintenance of the security controls.

BizzSecure treats each of its clients, small or big with an equal level of leadership and guidance. Partnering with us you can rest assured about the security of your business.

Flexible Availability Of Virtual CISO Services

Your team can be made available on a retainer, on a subscription basis, or on-demand.

The best part of hiring a vCISO team is that they require no training and directly come to action. Moreover, their being is based on the results, their KPIs( Key Performance Indicators) and reports. All of these are bound to provide guaranteed results. This dedicated flexible team of experts performs closer monitoring of your Security Infrastructure than a single professional possibly can.

Additionally, this team will provide any training and best practices to ensure long term strength and resilience or your compliant infrastructure. The Virtual CISO team is one very reliable and trusted partner you can have for your InfoSec Infrastructure.

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EAID Solution NextGen GRCVirtual InfoSec Team

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EAID Solution NextGen GRCVirtual InfoSec Team