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Ineffective Third Party Policies Lead to Data Breaches
Posted by Vivek 6 months ago
This video will help you understand the importance of keeping your security policies effective for your third party partners. Third party risk management is important and [...]
Response for Free Consultation and EAID Platform Queries
Posted by Prachi 7 months ago
Thank you everyone for providing amazing support after my post "During Coronavirus If You Want You Can DO Anything". I have received so many queries regarding [...]
During Coronavirus If You Want You Can Do Anything
Posted by Prachi 7 months ago
This video is regarding BizzSecure CEO Vivek Sharma's personal experience during this coronavirus. He saw a post on social media of serving food poor people back in India [...]
Secure World Bay Area Conference 2019 Panel
Posted by Vivek 11 months ago
Our CEO Speaking in a panel on "The Shifting Landscape of Attack Vectors" at the Conference Secure World Bay Area 2019.