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Ineffective Third Party Policies Lead to Data Breaches
Posted by Vivek 9 months ago
This video will help you understand the importance of keeping your security policies effective for your third party partners. Third party risk management is important and [...]
Response for Free Consultation and EAID Platform Queries
Posted by Prachi 11 months ago
Thank you everyone for providing amazing support after my post "During Coronavirus If You Want You Can DO Anything". I have received so many queries regarding [...]
During Coronavirus If You Want You Can Do Anything
Posted by Prachi 11 months ago
This video is regarding BizzSecure CEO Vivek Sharma's personal experience during this coronavirus. He saw a post on social media of serving food poor people back in India [...]
Secure World Bay Area Conference 2019 Panel
Posted by Vivek 1 year ago
Our CEO Speaking in a panel on "The Shifting Landscape of Attack Vectors" at the Conference Secure World Bay Area 2019.